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We Own (and Know How to Use) Cameras

Everyone owns a smartphone now-a-days, and while hitting the record button may not be hard, knowing what looks good, and more importantly, how to set everything up to look good only comes with experience and attention to detail. BPM knows all that and more. From sound and lighting design to framing and storyboarding, we make sure every detail is ironed out ahead of time giving you peace of mind without slowing you down.

We Get to Know You

We work with your business to learn, not only how it works, but also what problems you face, and how best to resolve them. Other production companies may produce a decent video, but does it effectively communicate who you are? Does it have a clear message for your target audience? BPM stands out by working hard to gain an understanding of your company and its clients. This leads to not only videos that deliver results, but whole solutions that solve problems.

Creativity is Included

Many businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to creating, or even planning out a successful advertising campaign. Let Bright Point Media be your custom guide through the overwhelming world of creative concepts to maximize your reach potential. Other production companies tell you to give them a call when you figure out what you want, we know that knowing what you want can be the hardest part. From customer testimonials and social media posts to full-budget commercials and ad campaigns, BPM is always one good idea ahead of the rest. -Find Out More

Budget is Respected

The entire point in creating a marketing video is for you to attract new business, that’s why BPM produces video content with R.O.I. in mind every step of the way. We know what budget can achieve which goals, maximizing your dollar-for-dollar impact. The entire scope of your business and concept will be taken into account, and the project adjusted in an early planning phase to achieve a custom solution for you. No surprises, only quality, dependable results.

We’re with You for the Long Run

Not sure what to do with your shiny new ad campaign video? Lots of businesses end up in this trap- BPM is with you the whole way, and that includes more than posting it on your youtube page. Actually using content effectively is, in itself, an entire industry. Don’t worry though, let us hook you up! We work with digital ad campaign industry leaders who make sure your valuable content stays on target and hits the mark.


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